FINRA Arbitration Attorney in Carlsbad, California

What Is FINRA?

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (known as FINRA) is an organization authorized by Congress to oversee and regulate the securities industry. FINRA’s regulators are tasked with ensuring all investment brokerage firms, as well as the financial advisors who work for them, act ethically and in the best interests of their customers.

How Can FINRA Arbitration Help Me?

FINRA is the exclusive forum for all disputes between investors, brokerage firms, and financial advisors who work for those firms. As a result, if you believe your financial advisor has given you poor or incompetent advice that has caused you to lose money, or committed fraud against you, you must bring an arbitration claim against the brokerage firm and/or advisor through FINRA’s arbitration process. The same generally is true for disputes between a financial advisor and brokerage firm.

Not sure if FINRA arbitration is the answer to your case?

Consult with Robert

The FINRA arbitration process is different from court and other arbitration forums. It has its own set of detailed rules and procedures that many attorneys are not familiar with. Attorney Robert L. Hill, however, has spent years successfully arbitrating claims before FINRA on behalf of investors, financial advisors, and brokerage firms. He also is very experienced in turning FINRA arbitration awards into money judgments, as well as moving to vacate adverse arbitration awards.

If you believe you may have a claim against a financial advisor or brokerage firm, please contact the Law Offices of Robert L. Hill today.

Carlsbad, California FINRA Arbitration Lawyer

When it comes to securities law, knowing how to pursue your financial losses isn't always straightforward. Fortunately for those in the Carlsbad area, an experienced business law attorney is readily available with answers. If you believe your case may call for FINRA arbitration, contact the Law Offices of Robert L. Hill, APC. After reviewing the unique details of your case, Robert can offer you customized solutions for reclaiming your money.